40+ software, data, and IT professionals located in College Station

Our team collaborates with TAMU researchers to provide the right technology solutions for managing and carrying out research.

Since 2011, we've partnered with dozens of research teams to help them make buildings smarter, oil rigs safer, energy cheaper, education more accessible, healthcare more efficient, and much more. Our collaborations have resulted in 80% award win rate, numerous patents and technology commercialization efforts, several spin-off businesses, and millions in new revenue for the university and departments.

Morelco Technologies - Custom Software Solutions for Texas A&M Researchers

They trusted us. We delivered.

"After our team earned the federal grant, we were in contact with Morelco. The moment we 'knew' Morelco was the right choice is the day Ross and his team met with us for an entire day. We spent that day brainstorming and defining what we wanted our software to do. Ross and his team were extremely helpful and patient as we learned the new terminology and process."

Melissa Fogarty
Department of Education & Human Development
Texas A&M University

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Our Clients

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Our Services

Custom Software Design & Development

We design and build custom web and mobile applications to stay connected with research subjects, deliver content, collect valuable data, and manage research outputs and progress all along the way. Additionally, we design and build custom scientific and engineering-based tools for modeling, simulation, and data/image processing or analysis.

Data Services

Services to facilitate better management of digital data, content and assets by researchers and fellow collaborators in a way that maintains the integrity and safety of live project data and makes publicly-funded research data accessible to the widest possible audience beyond the lifetime of the project.

Training & Consulting

With practical, hands-on training, we'll help your research team develop the "research IT" skills they need to conduct their work along. On-demand technology consulting related to assist with decisions like: build vs. buy, technology options and comparison, audits of existing systems and tools, and other guidance as needed.

Computing Services

Our team offers a wide range of advanced, commercial-grade platforms for computationally intensive research enabling researcher to perform the most demanding analyses and simulations without the wait time or rigidness of university computing options.

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Our Expertise

Custom Software Development

We design and build custom web and mobile applications to stay connected with research subjects, deliver content, collect valuable data, and manage research outputs and progress all along the way. Additionally, we design and build custom scientific and engineering-based tools for modeling, simulation, and data/image processing or analysis.


Extend the lifetime value of old tools and code with a modernization effort to clean-up or replace old or poorly-understood legacy code to help improve performance, usability, compatibility on modern platforms, security, and overall lifetime value. This can also include porting or re-engineering existing software to function on more modern platforms.

Artificial Intelligence & Prediction Machines

Unlock the potential of your data to help predict future outcomes, adapt to changing conditions, or learn something that wasn't obvious. Our capabilities include machine learning, cognitive services, computer vision, advanced OCR, and predictive analytics.

Reporting & Dashboards

Use custom, role-based reporting and analytics to give people real-time insights into vital data. Use these capabilities to make information more actionable and help everyone make decisions, and conclusions, with confidence. .

Data Management & Analysis

Process large data sets with ease. Our capabilities include custom import/export tools for ETL, data integration, data analysis, data migration, data cleansing, data warehousing, data governance, metadata management, and data security.

Custom Integrations

Get all your tools, services and equipment connected and “talking to each other" to eliminate duplicate data entry, automate routine research tasks, and decrease communication and reporting issues.


Prototyping new ideas for quick validation or smaller budgets includes developing simple, single-feature tools or stand-alone programs to accomplish a small set of tasks. A prototype typically only simulates a few key aspects of the final product.

Our Process

Our process is simple:

1. We get together to understand your research objectives and requirements and then determine if we're a good fit or not based on budget, past experience, subject-matter, etc.

2. We decide what's feasible to accomplish based on the budget and requirements and then put together a project plan.

3. We make arrangements for work to be done based on what stage you're in as outlined below:

Pre-Award or Directly Allocated
Research teams preparing grants involving software development or data processing should consider bringing in our team as collaborators. Once we determine we're a good fit, we will draft a formal letter of support and put together budget justification that includes a detailed outline and breakdown of all necessary efforts and costs associated with the desired scope of work. We can provide fractional or full-time effort as needed, throughout the project or at critical intervals.

For research groups who already hold appropriate grant funds and have the flexibility to bring on collaborators as needed, we simply setup a sub-award account to charge our costs after determining project requirements and preparing a proposal that outlines the scope, budget and schedule.

Our Experience

We've worked with researchers, scientists and engineers in the following fields:

  • Educational Psychology
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Oil & Gas
  • Agriculture
  • Finance
  • Information Management
  • Healthcare & Biomed
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Industrial Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Geophysics
Morelco Technologies - Custom Software Solutions for Texas A&M Researchers

About Morelco Technologies

Founded in 2011, Morelco is a division of FrogSlayer, LLC. Our 40+ software, data and IT professionals collaborate with TAMU research teams to make the best use of technology when managing and conducting research.

Technology-based research has the potential to set the highest standards for openness, reproducibility, and reliability in research methods. However, a lack of understanding or appreciation for professional software engineering rigor typically leads to research software being treated as a secondary concern. Research software is often developed quickly to solve one-off problems, leading to fragile solutions that are generally not sustainable or usable beyond the lifetime of a given project. While software engineers tend to follow a more disciplined approach to software development, collaborations with academia can fail due to lack of understanding of the research context. Our goal is to fix this.

We combine academic research experience with an expertise in software engineering, data science, and UI/UX design. Our mission is to ensure TAMU researchers have the best technology (tools, advice, and training) for their work.

Our approach is holistic, up-front, flexible, and responsive. We keep every major stakeholder involved and work to mitigate risks from initiation by managing expectations and change along the way. Our team is local and professional. We are setup respond quickly and accommodate your needs. We partner with you, your team and other collaborators. We believe in long-term relationships and know they are built over time, through trust and mutual respect.

Our Principles

1. We are intent about delivering on our commitments and always put our client's interests above our own even when circumstances change or an unexpected situations arise.

2. We conduct ourselves ethically at all times and aim to provide complete transparency with everyone we work with.

3. We only take on work where the value of our services significantly exceeds the fees we charge and we think about our client's money as if it was our own money.

4. We maintain independence by always telling the truth and upholding our professional obligation to dissent even when it's not what clients want to hear.

What To Expect

We're insanely easy to work with: we're local, professional, friendly, and put a high value on long-term relationships. We avoid using jargon and prefer to speak plain English and avoid middle men.

We never outsource of offshore work: we work in the same office, under the same roof so we can communicate better, deliver faster, and hold each other accountable to our commitments.

We're ruthlessly efficient with your time and money: we know we have to win with speed so we move fast and squeeze as much value as we can out of every dollar.

We stay tied to your needs: we never just "build-to-spec" but instead ask questions to understand the real problem and then design a solution that's perfectly fit. We do this every step of the way.

Let's talk.

Need help building a product for your research? Email us at howdy@morelco.net.

If you would like to speak on the phone, feel free to call us at (979) 900-3023.